Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pray for my Family

Life is Happening.

Our Girls are super fun and getting big. Jeff and I still have our crazy schedules. I wake up with the girls and Jeff goes to school. Sometimes I make a legitimate breakfast, but it is usually granola bars, banana and juice. Then Jeff comes home at lunch and we see each other for an hour or two. After that the girls lay down, Mags actually sleeps, but Lil watches a movie in our room. This is the best part of the day for me. I usually watch I Survived or something that Jeff won't watch with me. The girls wake up at about 2:30/3:00 and they play with toys, or scream at each other for a couple hours. Then at about 4 Jeff gets home from school-work. I get in the shower (yes, at 4pm) and get ready for work. I then leave at 5:15 for my 5:30-10:30 shift. Jeff then feeds the girls dinner. He has gotten really good at cooking. The other night he made sauteed scallops and calamari for himself and the girls. The girls go to bed at 7:30, and then Jeff does his homework. I get home and we watch some idol or office or whatever was on that night, and then we go to bed, repeat. We are committed to it. We have done this for 2 1/2 years and we are almost done. We are really excited for what the future holds. We have no idea where we are going when he graduates. I like that we are able to go anywhere we want. 3 more terms!